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rubberized coating AKA Plasti Dip

We Specialize in Rubberized Dips Also known to many as "plasti dip". This specialized coating has many benefits to your vehicle like preserving your factory paint,rims or trim from the elements. Plasti Dip is also a great way to give your vehicle a makeover, the color options are endless. Since Rubberized coatings are "Semi-permanant" you have the option of keeping the dip on your car as long as it will last. These coatings typically last between 2 – 5 years, you can then change your dip as frequently as you like to give your car a fresh new look. These Coatings are 100% removeable without doing damage to your paint or any other components of the vehicle, simply just peel them off and you're done.

"The limits of Plasti Dip are endless, paint you whole car, your rims, or emblems and trim to give your vehicle a new image."

plasti dip rims
Appointments are required for full car dipping, since every client has a different choice in color options and finishes.Because of this we must order materiels specifically on a per client basis. Upon choosing your desired color and finish, we collect a deposit that goes towards materiels for the job. Depending on the choice of color scheme, the turnaround per project can be 1-3 days. Black finishes are the only color that will typically be in stock in our shop. This same process applies to doing rims, grilles, and emblems. Blackening these parts out (refer to picture above) can be treated as a walk in without an appointment.